Constraint is your best friend

When it comes to expressing your full potential, constraint is your best friend.

Constraint takes the warm bask of a sunny day, and forces it through a magnifying glass to create a blazing inferno.

Constraint takes the unbridled power and majesty of a wild stallion and harnesses it through the unrelenting restriction of a bit.

Constraint takes an outstandingly eloquent Jewish teacher, chains him to a Roman soldier in dank prison conditions…and uses the letters he writes to change the world by authoring two-thirds of the New Testament Bible.

And odd as it seems, it’s constraint – not freedom – that’s working to get you to where you need to go.

So don’t fight it; find it.

And when you find it, dare to do your best work because of it…not in spite of it.

Worthy of Hollywood?

When Hollywood gets round to telling your story, how would you like this moment of struggle to be portrayed?

A moment for cowardice, indecision or such a high level of inaction that this scene gets left on the cutting floor?

Or a moment for digging deep, shocking yourself and creating such a powerfully dynamic and insightful moment…that it would be worth spending a million dollars a minute just to reenact it?

The choice is yours (even if you choose to do nothing).

Get back to basics

Pass, dribble, shoot.

Triple threat.

Find a painful profitable problem and solve it.

Get inside your customer’s head.

Benefits not features.

Show not tell.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Create assets to pay for your liabilities.

Begin with the end in mind.

When in doubt, under immense pressure and feeling overwhelmed…remember the fundamentals and make sure you get back to basics.

Remember that God loves you

I know this might sound weak, pointless and of no use in the battle you’re facing right now.

But take a breath, centre yourself and remember that God…the Creator and Author of your Story…loves you.

God. Loves. You.

Take a moment to dive into this simple thought, and you’ll be amazed at the things it unlocks for you.

Let us help you make it better

Your audience doesn’t need your idea to be perfect, they just need it to be present and accessible.

They’re not waiting on you to dazzle them with your brilliance.

Instead, they’re hoping you are strong enough to be vulnerable with your ideas…and give them the privilege of collaborating with you through feedback and interaction around it.

Step 1: share what you have right now, and let us help you make it better.

288 buckets

No matter what your dream is, you’ve only got 24 hours each day or 1,440 minutes to make it a reality.

This can seem intimidating, especially when you can’t see where to find the time to work on birthing your dreams into reality. And when you hear about others carving out an hour a day, that can be extremely disheartening.

So here’s a sneaky way of dealing with it called “288 buckets”.

Here’s how it works.

Each bucket is worth 5 minutes, and you’ve got 288 of them in a day to work with (288 × 5 = 1,440).

So what you do is think of the most powerful, leverage-creating, asset producing goal  that you can think of. This is something where you can achieve it once and it will keep giving back to you (e.g publishing content).

Then all you have to do today is steal one of those 5-minute buckets and fill it the best way you know how.

Tomorrow, steal two 5-minute buckets.

The day after,  make that three 5-minute buckets (even if they’re scattered throughout the day).

Over the course of 7 days, this simple act will yield you 140 minutes of time spent building your powerhouse leverage creating goal.

Keep stealing buckets each day and before long, all 288 buckets (even the sleeping ones) will be full of a life where your dreams are a living breathing reality.

Make a different

Today you get to make a “different”.

Different decision,  different response, different observation, different conclusion.

Making a difference…A dent in the Universe…might feel beyond you sometimes.

But making a “different” is one of the real joys of each new day.